Recent Beers

18 Feb

I realized looking back over my posts that anyone else who was reading this (and really, I’m basically the only one) would think that I didn’t actually try all that many beers. But it’s almost a compulsion now to stop at the beer aisle anytime I’m at the grocery store to see what catches my eye.

Now, I’m never going to be a great writer of beer tastes. I was reading a book last night and the author described one beer as tasting of wet towel. I mean, really?? Who actually tastes beer and thinks that? Or I use to drink beer with this guy and he often said “Do you taste the stone fruit?” Or “I can almost taste a hint of prune.” Who eats prunes!?

So, I’m sorry that my evaluations are not going to be full of insightful tasting notes. Mostly whether or not I thought it was delicious and if I would drink it again. Hopefully it brings a new beer to someone else’s attention.

IMG_7615  The first beer I drank post February beer dinner was Witopia by Triple Voodoo Brewing Co. in San Francisco. It’s a Belgium Wit beer and I loved it! It was deliciously carbonated and super refreshing. I think I was super impressed, too, because I had been drinking so many brown and ESB beers previously so this was a great change of pace. A few days later I also tried Triple Voodoo’s Inception Belgium Style Ale which I was less impressed with – a little too funky for me.

IMG_7618I’ve also started looking for a Pale Ale or IPA to serve at April’s beer dinner. It needs to be a rather balanced, not too bitter, IPA, though, because most of the guests who come haven’t built themselves up to IPAs yet. And honestly, I’m just barely inching my way there. I got two pale ales to try. First, Gold Digger IPA by Auburn Alehouse. This beer I liked a lot. It wasn’t too hoppy and had a nice floral scent. The Auburn Alehouse isn’t too far from me and I’m looking forward to going back up there and trying a few more of their beers.

IMG_7712I also tried Mojo India Pale Ale by Boulder Brewing Co. Not my fav. It was a little too bitter on the finish for me. Weirdly, it mellowed out and was a good pairing with the lasagna I was eating, but its not going to become a go-to beer for me.

So far, my actual favorite potential April beer dinner beer was Sweetgrass American Pale Ale by Grand Teton Brewing Co. It had the floral delicious hop smell and just enough bitterness. The nice guy at Whole Foods helped me pick it out and I’ll be going back for more.

IMG_7707Another recent find was Honey Saison by Almanac Beer Co. Almanac features seasonal brews using local fruit, etc. I don’t know how I hadn’t tried this beer before because I love saisons. The beer was super mild with just a bit of honey sweetness – really easy to drink. Plus, their bottles are super cute (see, that’s the kind of beer reviewer I am). A few days before I had also tried another honey beer – Bison Organic Honey Basil Ale. It was so good and refreshing! I’m excited to have these beer again on the patio with the sunshine beating down!

IMG_7708Hopefully I’ve peaked your interests in a few new beers to try. Is there a favorite of yours I should put on my list?

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