Cupcakes, and Muffins, and Booze, Oh My!

25 Apr

I have been giving my muffin tins a workout lately. And my liver for that matter. But there are just so many delicious cupcake and muffin recipes out there! In the past I didn’t really like to be bothered. I mean, it’s annoying to fill each tin and frost a dozen and a half cupcakes, not to mention how obnoxious those pans are to clean, but I’ve actually started to enjoy making cupcakes.  The alcohol helps.

So let me take you on a little tour of my latest cupcake and muffin adventures.

First, the recipes almost always start with creaming the butter and sugar together. How can you go wrong with that kind of beginning?

Butter and sugar

The first in my cupcake kick were Irish Cream Cupcakes with Bailey’s Buttercream Frosting. I had some Bailey’s left from when I made the Chocolate Stout Cake so I figured I should do a little more baking (and I’ll admit, a little drinking). Besides the alcohol, my favorite part were the mini chocolate chips! So cute!

Chocolate Chips

The batter for these guys was thick and the cupcakes came out dense but still oh so moist – probably because of the cream cheese. It was almost like eating a chocolate chip cookie (my favorite food ever) with a kick of Bailey’s. In the cupcake.

Baileys dough

And on top. It was not my most glamorous frosting-ing ever, but the result was still delicious.I just need more patience and to remember to let the cupcakes cool…

Frosting attempt2

Next, Champagne Cupcakes! I cheaped out and went with the Cook’s champagne…

Champagne batter

…but they turned out gorgeous!

Champagne cupcakes

(FYI – if you’re attempting to make these following the recipe linked above, it made just over a dozen cupcakes. I doubled the recipe and made a batch and a half of frosting for about 28 cupcakes)

And the frosting endeavor went much better, too.

Frosted champagne

Perhaps because Mr. Beacon was helping!


Not my pup (thank goodness!) but not too bad to babysit after he’s been playing with his cousins for most of the weekend.

Also, I have no idea why I haven’t been making homemade frosting forever. I mean, what’s better than a recipe that calls for nothing but butter, sugar, and booze??


And then muffins! Masquerading as a breakfast food until you realize they’re stuffed with Nutella.

Muffin batter

But look how healthy!



Nutella muffins

But maybe since they’re Nutella-Filled Banana Muffins the banana balances things out. I’ll be telling myself that in the morning while I eat one with my coffee.

Since alcohol wasn’t an ingredient in this recipe I sipped a little wine while baking. I found a great chardonnay by Bogle that was really rich and also buttery. (Butter, again. Always.)


So do YOU have a favorite cupcake or muffin recipe? Boozey or not!


3 Responses to “Cupcakes, and Muffins, and Booze, Oh My!”

  1. Bonnie April 26, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

    Loved this post, you are hilarious! And baking up a delicious storm! How did they all come out? Did you have a favorite?

    • mmckenzie06 April 26, 2013 at 8:25 pm #

      They were all super delicious. I think the Bailey’s ones were my favorite. The banana muffins are also great but they weren’t very “stuffed” with Nutella. So now I’m just going to have to spread some on top…!


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