Davis Beer Week

27 Aug

I had an absolute blast at the Capital Beer Fest during Sacramento’s Beer Week but I have to say, Davis has it all over Sacramento. Particularly because I could bike or walk to basically all of the events! This was the inaugural Davis Beer Week and I very much enjoyed myself. The weather was great for sitting on patios drinking beer and the timing was perfect – the last week of summer vacation. I also had a chance to check out some new beers and breweries.

Sudwerk is Davis’ local brewery and was a co-sponsor of the event. Now my previous experience with their beers were at their dollar pint nights as an undergraduate (and the focus wasn’t so much on the taste or quality of the beer…) so I was eager to check out their new look and new beers. My first beer week stop was the Burgers and Brew patio to try Sudwerk’s Dry Hop Lager. I was hoping to love but it was only OK…it was almost a little soapy. But I do love the new look and was happy to keep the glass!


At the University of Beer I tried a flight from Dust Bowl Brewing and really liked two of the four beers I tried. The Galaxy Pale Ale was excellent and I surprisingly liked their Double IPA – Son of Wrath, over the IPA – Hops of Wrath. Still not a fan of Barleywines.


Mid-week I got to catch a pint of Great White from Lost Coast (and another glass!) with a co-worker. Delicious!


Then we headed over to the University of Beer for another flight tasting – this time Dogfish Head. The flight was a little bigger than we anticipated but we just went ahead and split it. My two take away favorites were Namaste and Sixty-One. Apparently Sixty-One is a take on their 60 Minute IPA (which I haven’t tried). I thought it was tasty!


I also got to try a small flight of Bison Brewing Co. beers at Monticello. Monticello is a seasonal restaurant in Davis that I’ve always wanted to go to but never had and I happened to stumble in on open mic night!

IMG_0359Loved the Honey Saison but was not a fan of the special mash up of the Chocolate Stout (which I do like) and Logsdon’s Seizoen Bretta — much too sour for me.

IMG_0358The week culminated, of course, with the Davis Beer Fest in Central Park. It was a great, great Saturday afternoon.

IMG_0362And look what I found in the grocery store on Sunday!!



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