Belgian Beers – February Beer Dinner

14 Mar

Even though February was just a month ago it feels like it was so much longer – the last several weeks have been non-stop busy. Generally once a week I have to stop and ask, “What day of the week is it?” Usually it’s only Tuesday. Planning for a beer dinner is always a good mental break and I was excited for February and the Belgian beer theme. I’m actually not all that much of a fan of Belgian beers but I’m branching out a bit. Usually Belgians are too “Belgian-y” for me…maybe a little stanky…I never claimed to be good at beer descriptions!


My favorite beer of the night was probably the Spring Blonde, a Belgian style pale ale. It was very light and crisp. I also really liked the Affligem Tripel – fizzy and with just a little bit of stank. The Chimay Grande Reserve was good but very belgian-y and the La Fin Du Monde was similar. My least favorite was the Pranqster; it was very carbonated and sweeter than the others.


Now the beer tasting was good but the food was awesome, even if it did cause a few problems. I decided to start the night with some zucchini cakes made with my absolute favorite cheese:  Nicasio Valley Foggy Morning cheese. I visit the nicest woman at the Davis Farmer’s Market just about every other week to get myself a new round. All of Nicasio Valley Cheese Company’s cheeses are amazing but the Foggy Morning is my favorite and I love the Basil and Garlic for special occasions.

Nicasio Valley Foggy Morning

The zucchini cakes just didn’t work out…but I improvised zucchini cake-parmesan cheese-tomato tarts. A lot of them.


But pretty delicious. Especially paired with 21st Amendment Sneak Attack – a saison style beer.


For the main course we had Pizza Style Stuffed Peppers, paired with Mission Amber Ale.


And finally for dessert we had Beer Brownies, paired with Boulder Beer Company Shake Chocolate Porter. Another great and delicious beer dinner!



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